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section iv writing

part a



suppose you have to cancel your travel plan and will not be able to visit professor smith. write him an email to

1) apologize and explain the situation, and

2) suggest a future meeting

you should write neatly on the anwser sheet.

do not sign you own name at the end of the letter, use “li ming ” instead.

do not write the address .(10 points)

dear prof.smith,

i am sorry to tell you that i have to cancel my travel plan to your city for some reasons,thus i am afraid that i couldn't visit you according to the due cource.so i am writing for the purpose of extending my sincere apology to you.

actually, i miss you very much, but i received a notice suddenly that i have to attend an exam if i would love to apply for an opportunity for further study abroad.nevertheless i haven't prepared for it very well hence i have to spend more time and energy on it.

please accpet my hearfelt apology again! i am really sorry for any inconvenience i caused. and i am honorable to ask if i could make an another appointment with you.i am looking forward to your response at your earliest convenience. regards !

yours faithfully,

li ming


part a

51. directions:

you are going to hold a club reading session. write an email of about 100 words recommending a book to the club members.

you should state reasons for your recommendation.

you should write neatly on the anwser sheet. do not sign you own name at the end of the letter, use “li ming ” instead. do not write the address .(10 points)

dear friends,

i am writing to tell you about a fantastic book i have just read, as we always share the same taste of books.

the book is called journey to the west, which tells us a story that four monks conquered multiple handicaps to achieve their final destination. besides the touching and thrilling plot, the book also features humorous languages, thanks to the talented author.

so i recommend it to all of you as one of the favorite books that i have ever read. i am sure you will love it as much as i do. i am looking forward to discussing more with you after you read it.

yours sincerely,

li ming

part b

52. directions:

write an essay of 160—200 words based on the following picture.in your essay, you should

1. describe the pictures briefly,

2. interpret its intended meaning, and

3. give your comments.

you should write neatly on answer sheet . (20 points)

a group of friends, boys or girls, are having a dinner party while each one of them is checking messages in their mobile phones without saying a word to one another, leaving the dishes untouched.we are informed that this is a gathering in the era of mobile phone.

the above picture unveils a common social phenomenon and the symbolic meaning of the photo is the effect of the mobile phone on people’s way of life. undoubtedly, the phone provides us with considerable convenience, making many things possible which are beyond our dreams. as a communication tool, the phone makes us closer than ever before by providing immediate communication. meanwhile, there are negative effects on our personal life. as is shown in the picture, people are imprisoned in their own world! they choose contacting online rather than communicating face to face.

accordingly, enjoying the convenience provided by the phones, we should bear in mind that human beings are social beings who need real interpersonal interactions! joint efforts are needed to ensure people to have face-to-face communication! i believe a harmonious relationship between friends is awaiting us if we set aside our mobile phones and enjoy the untouched meal!


write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. in your essay, you should

1) describe the drawing briefly,

2) interpret its intended meaning, and

3) give your comments

as is shown above, this simple picture represents a vigorous situation that nearly every graduate student will face: hunting for a job, further studying, starting a business or going aboard. which one should they choose? without exception, everyone has to make choices in life, no matter concerning school, career, or love. while some choices are easy, one cannot avoid the task of making difficult decisions.

there is sufficient evidence showing that choices are often directly related to one’s happiness. university students, face a hard and crucial decision upon graduating. many students have difficulty in deciding whether to continue studying or begin a career. as is known to all, every individual is different, and one must take the factors of one’s personal life into consideration. in addition to an awareness of specific circumstances, however, making the right choice also depends on correct appraisal of oneself.

it is without doubt that in order to choose correctly, therefore, one must be both realistic and self-aware. furthermore, there is other aspect to be taken into consideration. once having made a decision, one should seriously accept and pursue the path one has chosen, and strive towards the realization of one’s goal with spirit.





this line chart presents the trend of number of museums and number of people visiting museums from 2013 to 2015. from the chart, it is obvious to find out that the number of museums from 2013 to 2015 presents a trend of decrease and the number of people visiting museums from 2013 to 2015 also presents a trend of increase.

it is quite clear for us to the conclusion that the reason for this phenomenon can be attributed to the development of economy. as far as i am concerned, influences on the number of museums and number of people visiting museums by economic development mainly display in the following aspects. first and foremost, economic development results in more income for people, which in turn allows people afford the payment to visit museums. moreover, economic development makes museums more diversified and more abundant in quantity, which can satisfy diversified preference of people. finally, economic development makes government invest more on public museums, and thus make us have more chances to visit museums.

from my perspective, we should maintain the positive side of museums, and try to eliminate its negative side. therefore, it can provide more positive influence on our daily lives.


dear john,

i am li ming, your future roommate and a new arrival from china who is coming over here for further education. i am writing this letter to let you know about me and ask for some suggestions for my future life in america.

first, i am a quiet person so that your keeping silent would be highly appreciated. second, i like cooking and i wonder whether it is okay to you that i cook chinese dish at home, because the preparation for chinese cuisine may produce much smoke. third, i want to buy a car but i know nothing about traffic rules in america. would you please give me a lesson about traffic laws in us.

wish you reply soon.

yours sincerely,

li ming



write an essay of 160-200 words d on the following pictures. in y essay. you should

1) describe the pictures briefly.

2) interpret the meaning,and

3) give your comments.

you should write neatly on the answer sheet. (20 points)



as is vividly depicted in the picture, in the first picture there are a lot of books besides a boy, but he doesn’t read any of them. by contrast, the second one portrays that another boy makes a plan of reading: 20 books one year. in fact, the phenomenon in the picture doesn’t surprise us at all. simple as it is, the intended meaning of the picture is worth our reflecting.

undoubtedly, the cartoonist aims at reminding us of the significance of reading and knowledge . at the top of the list, we should attach importance to reading mainly due to that it can enable us to ameliorate ourselves so we can be qualified for future career promotion, and be ready for meeting the forthcoming challenges.what’s more, we ought to place a high value on the role played by knowledge in personal growth. put it another way, in this ever-changing world, knowledge accumulation is to personal growth what water is to fish. to sum up, if reading and knowledge miss our attention in any possible way, we will suffer a great loss beyond imagination.

hence, it is vital for us to derive positive implications from the above picture. for one thing, we should frequently use it to enlighten the young. for another, we should cultivate the awareness of teenagers that reading is very vital. only by doing so, can we become winner in the face of difficulties.






you are to write an email to james cook,a newly-arrived australia professor,recommending some tourist attraction in your city .please give reason for your recommendation.

you should write nearly on the answer/sheet.

dot not sign your own name at the end of the email .use "li ming"instead

do not write the address.(10 points)


dear prof. james cook,

welcome to china. i know you love traveling, so i’m writing this letter to recommend to you one of my favorite scenic spot—harbin, which is an old northern city of china.

i think you must like it for the reasons as follows. to begin with, there are an amount of beautiful scenic spots, such as the ice and snow kingdom in winter, the sun island, the central street and so on. in addition, you could taste a great number of snacks on the average street. last but not least, the people of harbin are overwhelmingly hospitable and enthusiastic, which is famous all over china.

owing to the reasons discussed above, i won’t hesitate to recommend this scenic spot to you. i am sure you will enjoy it. best wishes for you!


dear mr. cook,

i am writing this letter to recommend you one of the tourist attractions in my city —the great wall. the detailed reasons for my recommendation are listed as the following.

at the top of the list, the great wall is one of the oldest historic interests in china. in addition, there are a large number of tourists in china and abroad touring the great wall and appreciating its grandness, and therefore it is not too much to say that unless a foreigner visit the great wall, it equals to say that he has never been to china .

finally, i sincerely hope that you will have a good time in china. looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

yours sincerely,

li ming








dear professor cook,

i am writing on behalf of the students’ union to recommend the famous forbidden city in our city to you.

the details are listed as following. to begin with, it is in this place that the emperor and his family live. we can know of the daily life of the old upper class in china by visiting it,which will bring great value to our research in this area. what is more, the forbidden city has witnessed the thousands of history of china, so you can enrich your knowledge about china by visiting it. last but not least, it is a brave city, which witnesses lots of difficulties and storms. we can learn the spirit of brave at the same time.

i hope you can find my recommendation useful and look forward to discuss it in details with you.


li ming










suppose your class is to hold a charity sale for kids in need of help. write your classmates an email to

1) inform them about the details and

2)encourage them to participate 100 words use liming.don't write your address。

dear classmates,

i am writing to inform you that our class is going to hold a charity sale in order to help those orphans in the welfare house near our university.

any books, clothes and toys that are not needed any more can be donated and sold into cash. all the money will be used to buy spring festival presents for the kids. the charity sale will be held in the auditorium of our college from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on january 10th. all the classmates of our class are encouraged to take part in the activity and you could also call on your friends to participate.

your participation is the best gift for the kids who need help.

yours sincerely,

li ming